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The Country Arborist            "Charleston Illinois Full Service Tree Care Specialists"

Tree Sales

Shade, Ornamental, Evergreen Windbreaks, Evergreen Privacy Hedges, Fruit, Nut

Several species available for any need or function of your particular landscape including: Red Oaks, White Oaks, Maples, Dogwoods, Crabapples, Birches, Chestnuts, White Pines, Norway Spruce, Cedars...


Tree Care

Pruning, Trimming, Removal, Injections

Trimming dead or dangerous limbs should be done as soon as possible.

Pruning healthy branches should only be done when the leaves fall to reduce the risk of infection (especially important for some species) from microorganisms that can invade the tree and cause premature decay and death.




Oak Pruning

Tree Plantings

Balled and Burlapped, Seedlings and Potted

Need Privacy Hedges, Shade Trees or Wind Breaks?

We can plant natural privacy hedges, wind breaks, shade trees, ornamentals and shrubs.

If you would like shade, fruit, nut or evergreen trees planted, get in touch with us by phone or email.  We'll schedule a consultation to discover objectives and produce a solid plan to meet those objectives.  

Best season to plant is late fall and winter.  We'll only dig the trees the week of transplanting.  Trees will leaf out in the spring...I guarantee it!



Dangerous/Dead Branches or Trees

Immediate Removal in High Risk Locations


Dead Hickory in backyard neaf fence and playground

Uprooted tree after storm


This branch below should be removed ASAP.  Allowed to stay, the branch will decay until it falls off.  Then there will be a decayed out hole where it attached...and you can't prune a hole out of a tree.  Get it soon before it is too late.

Branch Decay


Decayed Hole in Tree

Storm Cleanup


Storms and high winds can leave tree debris on roofs, yards and driveways.  Call us anytime to cleanup and remove the storm debris to get your yard looking great again.


The top 15 foot of this Maple landed on the roof of the garage.  Part of it stayed on the roof and part broke and fell to the ground.  The leader is decayed on the inside.  This could have been prevented had the owners had their Maple pruned and inspected.




Fence Line and Pasture Clearing


Are your pastures getting crowded with unwanted vegetation?  Are the electric fences covered with weeds?

Rely upon The Country Arborist and crew for a good clearing job so your time can be spent on more important matters.


Locust tree infiltration

 cleared pastured





Garden Tilling

Let me till your garden for you!  I am ambitious to help people become more self sufficient.  Providing home-grown food is an excellent choice over buying weeks old store bought produce.

Do you prefer a raised bed garden so you don't bend over as much or you just don't have high quality soil?  I will build you raised beds and set them up for you in a sunny area.

Stump Grinding

Need to remove an unsightly stump in the yard that attracts insects and yard pests?  Give me call!!

I'll grind it down, fill it in and seed it for you.

Limb Chipping

Trees and plants and gardens do MUCH better in soil that is covered with a layer of good organic mulch.

I can deliver mulch and spread it out for you. Or I can chip up branches you already have on your property.

A compost pile is a must for any gardener.  Spread rich organic compost over your flower beds, gardens and trees...they'll love it!

Post Hole Digging

Let The Country Arborist dig holes for just about any project you can think of.

I can accomodate 12inch, 24inch and 36inch holes.